Denver Platte River/Mary Carter Greenway

Mary Carter Trail-2-90The team planned, raised funds, and worked with numerous public agencies, corporate partners and volunteers in design and development of the Platte River Greenway. This $15 million, 18-mile corridor follows the Sough Platte River throught he center of Denver to Chatfield State Park in nearby Littleton. In addition to a state-of-art multi-use trail, the greenway offers rest areas, interpretive sites, a nature center and boating facilities. Along with the recreational improvements, the effort included major revegetation and renovation of an abused river corridor engaging over 3000 volunteers. The $1 Million Discovery Pavilion forms the southern terminus of the Greenway at its juncture with the 45-mile High Line Canal Trail and the 400-mile Colorado Trail.
Winner, American Planning Association National Award