Croke Reservoir

The Croke Reservoir project was an exercise in realizing potential. As cities become landlocked, the need to look for recreational opportunities within the framework of existing resources becomes more important. This could easily have been a project to stabilize a shoreline. But the City, design team and the community itself came together to capitalize on an underappreciated area by fulfilling the promise of a true urban amenity. 

As part of an intense renovation project to improve the fishery and wildlife conditions, the design team drained the reservoir, removed sediment from the lake bottom and stabilized the eastern shoreline to ensure the stability of eastbound Huron Street. This was accomplished by reestablishing the shoreline 50 to 100 feet west utilizing a rock retaining wall system. The shoreline was then sculpted and terraced to provide a variety of amenities including connections to the existing trail system, an overlook node with custom trellis structure and water feature, a fishing node with ADA accessibility and a combination of ornamental and native landscaping.

By drawing back the curtain of overgrown and degraded vegetation that concealed the reservoir from view, designing active and passive connections along the path, and improving aquatic and terrestrial wildlife habitat, Croke Reservoir was successfully reintroduced as an integral part of Northglenn’s Parks and Open Space system.

American Society of Landscape Architects, Colorado Chapter 2009 Merit Award