Las Vegas Open Space & Trail Planning

Robert Searns (working with Chuck Flink and Jack Zunino) has been planning open space and trails for the City of Las Vegas, NV and the Greater Las Vegas Metro Area. He is a co-author of the Northwest Las Vegas and Southern Nevada Open Space Master Plans. The planning process involved visioning and working with multiples jurisdictional planning staffs, elected officials, area agencies and stakeholders as well as the general public. As part of the process, Searns initiated the Vias Verde Las Vegas Concept—a vision for an interconnected ring of trails, protected vistas and landscapes encircling the Greater Las Vegas Metro area. The concept includes a network of corridors and trails linking Las Vegas neighborhoods to the Vias Verde.

Searns has worked with the City of Las Vegas to develop the Paseo Las Vegas—an interconnected walkway, fitness and bicycle-friendly corridor that ties together major parks, cultural venues, and activity centers. The Paseo Las Vegas will link the Las Vegas Springs Preserve to Las Vegas Wash and, ultimately the Clark County Wetlands Park passing through Downtown, the emerging Las Vegas Arts District, the Stratosphere Tower, the Strip and other important and iconic locales in Las Vegas. For more information and to view plans, please visit